AirCell Guitar Pad, Quick Release Version, Black

Key Features:

  • Style Meets Comfort: Take a load off your shoulder with AirCell technology. The unique air cells on the underside of this strap pad offer flexibility and cushion that deliver unparalleled lasting comfort.
  • Perfectly Comfortable: Relieves playing discomfort from heavy guitars and basses and provides maximum comfort in the standing position without changing the look of your existing strap.
  • Fits Over Most Fabric Guitar Straps: Will fit on any guitar or bass strap less than 2 inches (50 millimeters) wide. Easy on/off with three quick and easy hook and loop fastener equipped straps.
  • Moisture Wicking: By trapping air with specialized materials, this strap pad lies smoothly on the shoulder and back, moves easily on clothing or skin, and wicks away sweat to allow your shoulder to breath.
  • Made To Last: The AirCell Guitar Strap not only features a modern look but a long-lasting design that will prove to be a wise investment throughout the years. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Air has the ideal physical properties for absorbing impact and shock, and when playing for hours, a guitar or bass doesn't get any lighter. Guitar and bass players familiar with that end-of-the-gig tight shoulder caused by conventional straps can now find relief with the KLIQ AirCell Guitar Pad--the guitar pad that softens any normal guitar strap to utilize patented air cell core technology for increased comfort and strength. Made from heavy-duty nylon, this pad provides added comfort and shock absorption. With three hook and loop fastener straps it can be added to any guitar strap without having to take the strap off. Add one to all of your straps to make it more comfortable. Attach to any straps 2" wide or less and position it to lie smoothly on the shoulder. So click the “Add To Cart” button above, strap on your heaviest guitar and play for hours!

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