Tired of Underperforming Clip-On Tuners? Tuners that are just too bulky? So Were We... Introducing the KLIQ Ultra-TinyTuner Happy Musicians Agree That the Ultra-TinyTuner Is the Best Tuner They've Ever Used. Here's Why: - Experience worry-free tuning with 1 cent accuracy lightening fast- Wide tuning range of A0–C8 - Chromatic tuner that allows you to tune almost any instrument- Super bright full color display let's you easily see whether you're in tune or not- Easy to use for beginners, robust enough for pros- Tuner can attach in front or behind the headstock- Works with a Capo, as well as with any tuning- Hassle free installation of 2 included LR44 1.5V batteries- Power save feature for extended battery life- The most sleek and minimalist profile available in any tuner- Sturdy clip that's built to last 3-Year Manufacturer : In the unlikely event the KLIQ Ultra-TinyTuner breaks or stops working, we'll replace it or give you 100% of your back, no questions asked. We're that confident in our product, and that you'll continue to use it for years to come. Dare to Compare! Go ahead and compare the KLIQ Ultra-TinyTuner to any other clip-on micro-tuner on the market. Once their tuners take forever to tune, or break after a week of use, feel free to come back and use our tuner. However, your music would prefer it if you'd start tuning your instrument the right way and order a fast, accurate, and durable Ultra-TinyTuner now.
  • FAST & ACCURATE: Spend more time playing, and less time tuning. The Ultra-TinyTuner's advanced Micro Processor and highly sensitive Piezo Sensor will ensure your instrument is accurately tuned in a flash and its compact size makes it the smallest tuner on the market.
  • SUPER BRIGHT DISPLAY: Even with its compact size, the color display allows you to easily see if you're flat, sharp, or dead-on from any angle. The size of the letters is large and easy to see. With 3 points of adjustment, you can position the screen in any way you like.
  • EASY TO USE: Turn it on, clip it on, and you're ready to tune. Since the tuner detects the pitches directly from your instruments' vibrations, ambient room noise will never get in the way.
  • RELIABLE: With a strong and durable design, this tuner was built to last. From light use by the music hobbyist to heavy abuse by the touring road warrior, the Ultra-TinyTuner will get you in tune every time.
  • 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: In the unlikely event the KLIQ Ultra-TinyTuner breaks or stops working, we'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

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