Custom Series Instrument Cable with Rean-Neutrik Straight to Angled Gold Plugs (20 Ft.)

Black/Red Tweed
Blue/Red Tweed
Red/Black Tweed
  • Cable Specs at a Glance:

    • 1/4” straight to angled TS plugs
    • 24 AWG Oxygen-free copper center conductor for pure signal transparency
    • Low capacitance for enhanced frequency response (high-end sparkle)
    • Dual shielding with 100% coverage for maximum EMI, RFI, and handling noise rejection
    • Serviceable gold plated connectors by Rean, a brand of Neutrik AG for reliability
    • Chuck-type strain relief for ultimate durability
    • Sturdy, yet flexible construction with a rugged tweed outer jacket
    • Velcro cable tie included to keep your cable neat when not in use
    • Lifetime replacement warranty through KLIQ Music Gear
  • Service Speed Cost
    Standard 3-5 Days FREE
    Expedited 2 Business Days $9.99
    Priority 1 Business Days $19.99

Let Your Guitar's True Voice Sing with KLIQ Custom Series Cables

We know your tone matters. That's why we’ve spent the last few years developing and perfecting our Custom Series - quite simply the best sounding cable for your dollar. Engineered for enhanced sonic performance, this cable offers low capacitance and an ultra-pure oxygen-free copper core, to deliver a clear, articulate tone for your guitar, bass, or other instrument. Say goodbye to that unwanted hum, buzz, or crackle noise for good. Featuring exceptional dual shielding, the 99% OFC braided shield rejects EMI and RFI interference, while the 100% conductive polymer sub-shield keeps handling noise (microphonics) at bay. By partnering up with Rean-Neutrik, our cables sport exclusive gold-plated plugs that are guaranteed to resist corrosion, and reliably transmit your signal every time. With bulletproof chuck-type strain relief, and an armor-like tweed outer shell, this cable was built tough to take quite a beating on stage and stand the test of time. Did we mention it’s got killer looks as well?


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