K-PO, 6 String Guitar Capo, BLACK CHROME

    • Smooth clamping action allows for lightning fast and convenient key changes on stage
    • Smart alloy spring applies even pressure on fretboard to eliminate fret buzz and reduce re-tuning
    • Soft resilient rubber protects the back of the guitar neck, and prevents tone deadening in the front
    • Ideal for the radiused fingerboards of 6-string acoustic and electric guitars
    • Protective metal carrying case included; Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Service Speed Cost
    Standard 3-5 Days FREE
    Expedited 2 Business Days $9.99
    Priority 1 Business Days $19.99

From Nashville to LA... Top Session Musicians Are Quickly Making the K-PO Their Guitar Capo of Choice. Here's Why:

The problem with most trigger capos has to do with their spring tension. Set too tight and you get tuning issues, set too loose and you get string buzz. The K-PO’s carefully balanced spring tension and narrower silicone strip help assure buzz-free, in-tune performance, and great tone at any fret.

With its simple squeeze release design, ergonomic shape, and smooth contours, our capo is easy to put on your guitar, and lets you get back to what matters most - your music. Precisely machined and carefully hand assembled, the K-PO was manufactured without compromises so that you can sound your best on stage or in the studio.

Lifetime Warranty: In the unlikely event our guitar capo breaks or stops working properly, we'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Remember, a good capo could mean the difference between a decent performance and a great one.

So click the "Add To Cart" button and buy with confidence, knowing the K-PO will keep those open chords sounding great on whichever fret you put it on.

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