Airlink 5.8 GHz Rechargeable Wireless Microphone Transmitter/Receiver Set (5.8G Wireless)

Key Features:

  • Concert Quality Signal: Wireless Audio System uses 24-bit 48KHz high quality audio broadcasting. High Frequency ISM band is optimal and approved for use in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.
  • No-interference: The wireless microphone system utilizes UHF technology, high-frequency with less than 5.6ms latency, no lag or signal loss. Effective range is about 115 feet. Supports simultaneous broadcasts on 4 channels (4 units can be used simultaneously).
  • Convenient Charging: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, work-time is up to 4 hours after being fully charged, and comes with a double-USB cable for convenient, simultaneous charging of transmitter and receiver, which ensures great performance for every use.
  • Plug and Play: Automatic connection between transmitter and receiver, no other adjustment is required. If for some reason Transmitter & Receiver cannot connect with each other, they need ID Pairing to Reset before first using, please see User Manual.
  • Universal Use: Standard XLR connectors, can be used with all microphones that use XLR jacks.

The AirLink rechargeable Wireless Microphone System offers a reliable and affordable way to transmit a wireless audio signal from any equipped microphone and an any XLR equipped output, enabling you to break free from the burden of cables. With a transmission distance up to 115 feet, you are afforded the freedom to roam the stage for a truly dynamic performance or just use at home without the need to worry about cables. Easy to use, plug-and-play makes for quick and easy set-up and connection. The Airlink Wireless Microphone System supports 4 sets of devices working at same time, one-to-one and no-interference. The Airlink Wireless Audio System employs an impressive 140dB dynamic range at your disposal, crystal-clear sampling at 24Bit/48kHz, and a frequency range spanning 5.729 GHz to 5.820 GHz. With less than 5.6ms latency, you will experience no lag or signal loss. You can rest assured that the most subtle of nuances with regard to your voice and performance are captured and transmitted with the utmost fidelity. And working time is up to 4 hours after being fully charged, and supports a 1.5 hour quick charge. The wireless transceiver is compact and can be used for a variety of occasions, such as class performances, vocal practice, and even for more informal settings like family gatherings And Suitable for all XLR Microphones and output systems. The Airlink Wireless Microphone System is covered by the KLIQ "No Worries" Warranty for a period of 3 years.

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